A special tribute to Hawaii's Queen Lili'uokalani. Maui County was once called "Lili'uokalani County" and the Valley Isle was one of her favorite islands. It was said that upon notification of her passing, boatloads of Mauians boarded the steamers bound for the palace in Honolulu to pay respect to their beloved Queen.

This song was composed for Ki ho'alu (slack key guitar).




Sweet Lili of the Valley

How you shine in the Son

Like a fragrant aroma

Your Spirit lives on

You ruled with love

In the balance of time

You gave up Your arms

In place of a dove

(And You laid down your life Sweet Lili

You wore His love) 2x


Hawaiian Chant

`O kou aloha no
Aia i ka lani
A `o Kou`oia`i`o
He hemolelo ho`i


Your loving mercy
Is as high as Heaven
And your Truth
Is so perfect



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